Unique instructions for use (IFU) and warranty document solution – The Thin Paper Booklet

The new standard for consumer product packaging – Provides outstanding usability experience, very low carbon footprint and perhaps the most cost-effective logistics.


The standard IFU and warranty documents for consumer product

Unique instructions for use (IFU) and warranty document solution – The Thin Paper Booklet.

  • Outstanding usability (easy to open/close)
  • 3 times more information (e.g. more languages)
  • Significant savings on shipping costs, working capital and warehousing
  • Environment friendly (less paper and more efficient logistics)

The current situation

IFUs and warranty documents are an essential part of consumer product packaging, providing:

  • Instructions how to use the product
  • Possible warnings, side effects or even mandatory legal information

The IFU paper is thick (50 – 60g/m² , calipers 65 – 80µm), wood containing grade and usually folded several times. This kind of format has been the standard on last 100 years!

However, there are several issues related to IFU (leaflet) and warranty documents:

  • When the IFU is open, the size is very large, the font size is small, and the information is difficult to find.
  • It is very unhandy to use and very difficult to get back in the same format, and does not match with the package
  • Limited amount of information and number of language versions on the same IFU.
  • Warranty documents take lot of space (very thick, several “books”)
  • Every IFU / warranty document version requires it’s own stock item number, own packaging process, own space in the warehouse: Extra logistics, working capital and warehouse costs.

Unique instructions for use (IFU) and warranty document solution – The Thin Paper Booklet

Thin paper is totally different from standard IFU (leaflet) / warranty document paper:

  • It is really thin (29 – 36g/m², calipers 33 – 34µm), woodfree and usually used in Bibles and law books) and there is no any need for folding.
  • The unique thin paper IFUs (coated, high opacity) are provided in a handy booklet format.

Unique IFU and warranty document solution (the Thin Paper Booklet) can be tailored to customer needs (size suitable for the current package, content as needed):

  • For the same paper volume as with the standard solution, it can include 3 times more information!
  • Usability of our unique IFU solution is outstanding (easy to open/close and to find correct information e.g. table of contents with page numbers, bigger font size) compared to the standard IFU (leaflet) solution

When several languages are included in the same unique IFU / warranty document, the logistics and warehouse costs will decrease (stock item numbers and the need of warehouse space will decrease, packaging processes will be simplified).

Unique IFU / warranty document solution is environment friendly (less paper and more efficient logistics):

  • Manufacturing process does not require energy consuming mechanical grinding.
  • Chemical pulp process is a source of energy instead.
  • The package is lighter and smaller in size.
  • Higher quantity in one truckload or container, and lower CO2 emissions by transportations.


We are one of Europe’s leading printing houses specialized in printing on thin and ultrathin paper. Our concept fits the needs of global businesses perfectly: currently 80% of our deliveries go to customers in almost 30 countries, and the Booklet has already been distributed in all continents.